Your New Mindset Secret Weapon: Activate Clarity, Focus and Self-Love on demand

"I joined for the pointed questions paired up with a timer to make it really, really easy to work through my anxious thoughts. (Sarah's Rule #1: If you want someone to do something, make it easy for them to do it – and in particular make it easy for them to START.) Spending just 1 minute reflecting on each question helps interrupt my fixation on worries. The value it brought into my life has kept me hooked!"

- Sarah

The Zero Risk "Make Everything Better " 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that these 1-minute exercises will help you make a significant progress and I want to make it a no-brainer for you - so, If you follow my instructions and practice it for 1 minute a day for 30 days, but don't notice improvements in your mindset, productivity, or focus, simply email us and get a 100% refund of your purchase

🀍 Here's what you get:

When you open the game, you will recive a random or pre-selected bite-sized, thought-provoking question expertly designed to interrupt unhelpful thought patterns and boost self-assurance. You can choose what you would like to focus on: self love, confidence, focus, clarity...

The game's brilliant simplicity? You're challenged to ponder that question for just 1 minute using a built-in timer and add your answer.

This game was designed with much love and I hope you will get amazing results from it so I have added some amazing bonuses:


  • Get a monthly summary of your answers for self-reflection and tracking progress
  • See your goals & vision board inside the emails so you will never forget where you're going
  • Choose questions for activating specific energies: success, self-love, productivity, relief of stress and more
  • Get inspired: See the top answers from others
  • Community access: be surrounded by people who are also committed to their growth and take real actions to become their best selves. It's contagious!
  • Random question rotator for deeper sessions / stronger effects

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